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    We are one of the collector and supplier of new tyres,used tyres,tyre casings and rims in Japan. And we are exporting used cars,trucks,and auto parts too.
    We are shipping these goods to the world consistently mainly from Yokohama,Tokyo,Kobe,Osaka and some local port like Sendai, Tomakomai.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know your request size and grade which you are interested in purchasing from us.

Partner  Area
    Asia:     Singapore, Malaysia
                 Vietnam, Hongkong
Europe: Russia,Ireland,England
    Africa:           Ghana,Senegal
    America:       Bolivia, Panama
    Ocean:          Newzland
 古物商許可:第101220000348号 北海道公安委員会
Bussiness Summar
  Export and Import New Tyres
  Export used Tyres and Casing
  Export used rims and import new rims
  Export usde cars
  Export used trucks

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